Meet Caryn

Like most women, I remember everything about those initial days and weeks following my deliveries (I have 2 sons).. Especially after my first was born, I remember feeling almost shock in regards to the way my body was feeling. "Why didn't anyone tell me THIS was going to happen?" constantly ran through my head. And I was a pelvic floor physical therapist! Yet I still didn't realize how sore I would be, and that I had to wear an ice pack in my underwear, and that having a bowel movement would be an accomplishment as big as climbing Mt. Everest. There are so many changes women go through physically, mentally and hormonally during pregnancy and during the postpartum period, with so much never discussed!  I'm hoping to bridge the gap between new/expecting moms and perinatal health by bringing all the information to you!

Dr. Caryn Phillips, PT, DPT received her Masters from the University of Connecticut in 2009 and went on to receive her Doctorate from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in 2014.  She has been specializing in pelvic floor and perinatal health for over 9 years. She has completed numerous trainings for treatment techniques in myofascial release, therapeutic taping, prenatal and postpartum exercise, yoga for pain, and more. In addition to patient care, Caryn assisted in developing a brand new pelvic health program in a major Boston hospital.  She is a mom of two boys, Brayden and Oliver, and lives with them and her husband in Franklin, MA.

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