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8 Week Diastasis Recti Program


So many of us are eager to return to our normal routine after having a baby, but are worried we may be hurting ourselves because we're unsure of what state our current postpartum body is in. 

It's difficult to navigate which core exercises are safe for women postpartum, especially if you think you have diastasis recti abdominus (DRA), or abdominal muscle separation.



DRA is a midline separation of the rectus abdominus muscle in the abdominal wall. It is often due to abdominal muscle stretch weakness from maternal hormonal changes and increased tension by the growing uterus.​ It can occur at varying degrees at various points during pregnancy, and may or may not resolve spontaneously postpartum.


There is no "one size fits all" program for treating DRA. It is important to monitor progress as you begin and progress through a program to make sure the exercises helping in the way they are intended. MomLife Health created the "8 week Diastasis Recti Program" with this in mind, so that women could safely treat DRA from home with the guidance of a perinatal specialist.

Course Includes:

  • Printable PDF of detailed programming

    • Daily exercise routine including progressive core strengthening, and complementary stretches and strengthening exercises​

  • ​Printable exercise log​

  • 4 virtual video sessions with Dr. Caryn Phillips

    • Initial session includes guidance through self-assessment of DRA​

    • Final session includes development of maintenance program

  • Recorded 10-minute webinar on diastasis recti including images

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Caryn via messenger

Sign up today for special pre-launch price of $199!

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